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trabajamos para ella ! - Autodesk idea studio residency , san fransisco
Autodesk idea studio residency , san fransisco 
Monday, July 26, 2010, 01:55 PM - Maya.c++.api., Geometry, Research, production pipeline
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Currently pursuing a 8-week residency called Idea Studio at the Autodesk offices in San Fransisco. Idea studio is run by Kimberly Whinna , senior brand manager at Autodesk and is "a residency program for designers, engineers, artists, and scholars who are pursuing innovative projects that push design technology to its limits to solve real-life problems."

ZHA | CODE and Autodesk have had various on-going conversations on research agendas related to contemporary architectural design, software technology and production pipelines. Hopefully this residency will cement the relationship further.

My experience thus far into the residency has been a real pleasure. I have to thank Kimberly Whinna and Brian Pene ( Research strategist , CTO group) , for their assistance, and advise in setting up the scope and prospects of the research thus far . It has been exciting to be advised by pioneering figures such as Jos Stam , Duncan Brinsmead , and Robert Aish and interact with experienced researchers including Eddy Kuo and Sualp Ozel .

The abstract of the proposal is presented below. Work in progress will be posted soon .

Solution Spaces.
Physically based simulations & form finding and geometric approximation for procedural architectural modelling.
This short term research proposal posits itself within the argument for parametric design research to focus its efforts on design methods that enable an operative pathway from design intent to its manifestation. The intention is to investigate the use of physically-based parameters as effective constraints in design development. Central to this proposal is the belief that design technologies should enable real-time interaction between designer and the computational model.

Images from visit to nervi's ( not candela as previously mentioned, thanks franco for correction) chruch in san fransisco , showing yet another articulation of the hyperbolic paraboloid .

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